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Industrial Racks

Galvanized iron or steel made light duty racks have been designed as per industry specified standard. This array of powder coated racks can store maximum 400 kg bulk products. These racks are 2.5 m to 3.5 m in height. Available in 450 mm to 600 mm width range, this range of light duty racks is enough to store bulk pallets in an organized manner. To suit specific storage needs, these warehouse racks can also be availed in tailor made specifications. Ease of set up, space saving design, exceptional strength, recyclable content, long lasting surface finish and low maintenance design are the key features of this product range.
Section panel racks are considered as ideal storage solutions for warehouses and goods storage units for their exceptional strength. These racks are especially suitable for tough working environment. Being corrosion protected, these panel racks are convenient to maintain. These section panel racks have been specially designed by keeping industrial storage requirements in mind. Apart from their large storage capacity, these panel racks are popular for their space saving design. These racks occupy minimal floor space to install. Mobile compactor type racks offered under this category can be availed in manual push and pull type design and also in chain driven mechanically controlled mode based option.
Angle frame racks are well known as flexible goods storage racks for their high load bearing capacity, ease of set up and cost effectiveness. Available in different dimensions, these slotted angle racks have been developed from high strength cold rolled steel or hot rolled steel, wire mesh based covering and plywood materials. These storage racks can be assembled easily without the requirement of welding. Light in weight, these racks are tough in construction and these have versatile nature. Available in standard dimension, these racks are reckoned for their high strength, long lasting quality, corrosion and wear protected surface and ease of shifting.
Free from maintenance cost, this range of three tier racks maximizes storage capacity of warehousing unit and logistic department of any industrial plant. Upward storage area of these racks can be accessed by aisles, stairs and ramps for the convenience of warehousing and logistic personnel. This type of multi tier racks are preferred over commonly used warehouse racks for their flexible design. These racks can be designed as per custom made specifications to suit goods storage requirement of different manufacturing plants. Modular in construction, this array f racks promotes easy accessing of stored goods, simplifies and streamlines inventory process for improved productivity of any plant.
Made of aluminum or mild steel, this array of industrial storage racks has been developed from high strength aluminum and mild steel. Available in standard thickness and loading capacity range based choices, this array of storage solutions have increased demand in warehouses and goods storage units for its long lasting quality and minimal installation space. Available in multi layered construction, these storage racks are offered with powder coated or chrome galvanized surface to resist corrosion and wear formation.  Storage capacity of these industrial storage racks ranges between 1000 kg/layer to 2000 kg/layer. Available in free standing design, this array of storage racks is usually available in blue and gray color choices.
Modular mezzanine floors serve as wonderful storage solutions for warehouses. These floorings are useful to maximize storage capacity of goods storage units by judicious utilization of vertical racks. Made of high strength steel, steel board or wooden board, this array of modular floors acts as reliable work platform for various manufacturing plants. Modular mezzanine floors comprise of racking system that can optimize storage capacity of any manufacturing plant without the need of expanding the structure of that plant. There are several advantages of these modular floors. Apart from their cost effectiveness, these floorings can be dissembled quickly. Anti skid floor surface, accessibility in multiple styles and perfect diameter are the key aspects of this product range.
Double faced type mobile racks are wonderful file storage solutions for offices by judicious utilization of floor space. Made of cold rolled and hot rolled steel, these mobile compactor racks can be availed in push and pull type manually handled variant and chain driven type mechanically operated version. This array of mobile racks is equipped with hot rolled steel plate made chassis, solid square tube fabricated pathway ( that includes rail box and rail) and carbon steel made transmission part ( it includes bearing, transmission shaft and handle crank to name a few). Epoxy powder coated surface of these mobile storage racks remains rust proof for years.
This array of supermarket racks has been specially designed to suit the modern dcor of shopping malls and retail stores. Made of cold rolled and cold annealed steel or mild steel sheet, these racks enable buyers to access required displayed items from every direction. These free standing gondola racks are offered in double sided design along with four shelves. These are 5 feet to 6 feet in height range and are suitable for bearing 100 kg load. Color coated surface keeps these racks corrosion protected for years. Supermarket racks offered here are reckoned as space saving product display solutions that are cost effective and are simple to maintain.
 Cantilever racks serve as reliable storage solutions for warehouses for their heavy load bearing capacity. These metal racks are usually used to store bulk goods that are difficult to store on pallets. Ergonomically designed multiple cantilever arms of these storage racks enable warehousing personnel to store heavy goods across these in horizontal direction.  Offered racks comprise of durable base, upright columns attached with base, arms for storing goods and decking to maintain specific shelf level as per the position of storage arms. These light duty Cantilever racks can bear maximum 250 kg load per arm. These 1500x200 racks can be availed in three different types of height options to meet specific storage requirements of warehouses.
Made of solid wood, mild steel or cold rolled steel sheets, this array of departmental store racks serves as wonderful products display solutions that enables buyers to access required item easily. Available in single sided and double sided design choices, these wall mounted and free standing storage racks have enough space to store bulk grocery items and electronic goods in an organized manner. Departmental store racks offered here have space saving design, large storage capacity, standard diameter, ease of installation and long lasting surface finish. Inclusion of these racks into the decor of departmental stores improves overall appearance of store interior.